Question: How fast is shipping?

Answer: We Provide one shipping method, Fedex Express Worldwide Shipping 3-10 estimated arrival After you place an order we will send you all the tracking information in the next 2 days plus some pictures of your package. If you have any questions please contact our customer support here: info@ipwatches.store

Question: Where are we located and where do we ship from?

Answer: Our headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom. We do have multiple sellers all over the globe so every watch is getting shipped from a different location. Some of our sellers are from China, Greece, Japan and Switzerland.


Question: Are there any extra tax or will i have issues with the customs?

Answer: They are not any more tax you need to pay, the tax is included in the price. Customs was never a problem, if they keep your package you will resend you a new one for free. 

If you have any other questions Contact us