Super Clone Day Date Rolex Weekly Journal 18K Yellow Gold Plated counter weight

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Here are the specifications of the V2 version of 18k Yellow Gold plated 40 Daydate Rolex Weekly Journal 1:1 Superclone 2836 Movement 40mm Counterweight day date black face:


Case: 40mm in diameter


Movement: 2836 automatic movement


** complications:** Weekly journal, day date


Strap: 904L stainless-steel 18k gold plated


The watch is water resistant to 50 meters. It is a high-quality replica watch that is sure to turn heads.


Here are some additional details about the watch:


The tungsten steel case is very strong and durable.


The 2836 automatic movement is a reliable and accurate movement.


The weekly journal complication displays the day of the week and the date in a single window.


This is elegant and sophisticated.


The GMF V2 version of Tungins Steel 40Daydate Rolex Weekly Journal is a great option for those who are looking for a high-quality watch with a unique complication.


1:1 Superclone watch


Unique complication (weekly journal)


Strong and durable case


Reliable and accurate movement


Elegant and sophisticated dial


Comfortable leather strap


Satisfaction Guarantee or money back

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